Mission statement

French version

The AFPDB represents the interests of the main issuers of structured products that distributed in France.

The main goals of the association are:
– Promoting and contributing to the development of this industry on the French and European markets;
– Representing and advocating for the industry’s interests, notably with the public authorities and regulators, the regulated markets and other trading venues and the other industry associations, as the AMAFI;
– Promoting the use of common industry standards, notably as regards product typology, in cooperation with other European associations;
– Collecting, producing and keeping up-to-date statistics and studies on the French structured product market.

The AFPDB members commit to comply with the AFPDB Code of conduct and to implement the product to the polity as laid out by the EUSIPA (European Structured Investment Products Association) to which the AFPDB is affiliated.

The AFPDB Legal and Regulatory Committee actively contributes to the marketplace reflections on work-streams concerning the showing and distribution of structured products.

Industry workshops involving both manufacturers and distributors are periodically organized by the AFPDB. They contribute actively to industry proposals in areas such as the implementation of the main regulations, the investor education programs, the disclosure and communication of key product information to, respectively, distributors and final clients.