Retail investment strategy  – European Commission Consultation – AFPDB position paper

On the occasion of the European Commission Consultation on the retail investment strategy, the French association of retail structured product manufacturers (AFPDB) would like to share its views with the Commission.


The AFPDB’s contribution to the consultation focuses on questions and topics targeted at experts which get specific importance to the structured products industry:

  • General questions (section 1)
  • Financial literacy (section 2)
  • Disclosure requirements (section 4)
  • Core objectives of the PRIIPs regulation (section 5)
  • Reviewing the framework for investor categorisation (section 7)
  • Inducements and quality of advice (section 8)
  • Adressing the complexity of products (section 9)
  • Sustainable investing (section 12)
Last update : 3 August 2021